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My name is Toni

I have always had a connection to photography.

Technique is the basis for me, but not an end in itself. I want to convey feelings, impressions from photography should be expressed in the picture so that the viewer gets a piece of it.

For me, photography is largely communication. I think it's wonderful to meet someone you like and take pictures together - communication (also) with the camera. My aspiration is to bring the people I photograph with into the picture as I personally experience them, a feeling, a mood, a thought.

"I quickly get excited about people who touch me, through whatever. It can be the way they move, the way they speak, the way they look, the way they dress, the way they hold themselves, the verve with which they approach something, the way they turn to others, the way they get through something, the way they grieve or rejoice.... it's simply their attitude to life that inspires me. [...] And that's just part of it for me: The friendship or the love for the person I photograph. After all, that has to do with "seeing" someone in the truest sense of the word. Seeing into the soul. Seeing into the heart. Seeing also has a lot to do with "recognising". And in my opinion, that cannot go hand in hand without a kind of love.


Image by Venti Views
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